Training and expertise on the strategy and tactics of successful deal-making.

Locust Walk Institute is an exclusive training program focused on executive education in the biopharmaceutical space. Locust Walk is hosting a series of webinars focused on business development and financing transactions.

About Locust Walk Institute

Started by Locust Walk, Locust Walk Institute is an exclusive training program for executives in the biopharmaceutical space. Based on the best practices developed over the past eight years at Locust Walk and previously in our careers, this course will provide in-depth instruction from our seasoned operating team on the strategy and tactics of successful deal-making.

More about the Program

Webinars will provide in-depth instructions. Topics span a broad range of activities for business development and financing transactions, from commercial assessments to deal preparation, valuation, outreach, deal execution, fundraising and the path to liquidity. This course will be in-depth, but accessible for both entry to mid-level professionals and scientific CEOs.

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A Diversified Platform

Locust Walk has created several related entities, each with the goal of offering distinct value and service to our growing and diverse client base.

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